The costs of the anaesthetic services provided varies based on the complexity and duration of your procedure.

For patients covered by medicare and a health fund which provides a no gap or known gap scheme with an appropriate level of insurance cover my fees will be largely covered by the medicare and health insurance rebates and there will be either a known gap or no gap. When there is a known gap you will be advised of this prior to the day of surgery and the out of pocket expense to you will be a maximum of $500 and in many cases less than that.

There are a small number of health funds that currently do not provide a no gap scheme commensurate with the majority of health funds for anaesthetic services and consequently members of these funds (which include the mildura health fund, latrobe health services and some of the GMHBA funds) may incur larger out of pocket expenses. If your level of insurance cover does not cover you for the type of procedure you are having there may also be an additional cost and you are encouraged to check with your health fund that you are covered for the types of procedure you are going to have.

For patients not covered by medicare or private health insurance the out of pocket cost of the anaesthetic service will be higher and an estimate of the out of pocket costs will be provided to you prior to surgery.

The majority of patients will be billed at no gap rates or known gap rates.

For further information on anaesthetic fees please see the ASA What will it cost page.