Gelofusine – Why is it still available

In one of the hospitals I work in there was another case of gelofusine anaphylaxis. It is not a particularly good as a colloid volume expander and has a long known about higher rate of anaphylaxis associated with its use. I don’t use it and i wonder why colleagues still do. This recent in Anaesthesia… Read More

Oxygen therapy guidelines

There has been increasing realisation over the past several years of the potential harm associated with excess oxygen administered to adult patients and that we should be more considered in our use of oxygen therapy in acute care settings. Recent guidelines published in the BMJ “Oxygen therapy for acutely ill medical patients: a clinical practice… Read More

Blood Pressure and the Brain

In the review article blood pressure and the brain and cerebral autoregulation John Drummond provides a good overview of the science and evidence guiding appropriate blood pressure management during anaesthesia in both the supine and sitting positions. He makes the point that the lower limit of autoregulation in normotensive adults is a mean arterial pressure… Read More